Bhishak- Hospital Information Management Software

Integrate, collaborate, make quicker decisions with all-in-one system.

HIMS is versatile health information management software, catering to almost all major medical specialties. This modular and bespoke software is based on Saas delivery model.

Capable of catering to medical facilities of up to 400 beds focusing & customizing to their specific needs. Bhishak HIMS is totally web-based mostly facilitates single screen operations thereby making it easily accessible.

Currently the world is moving towards integrated health model where Electronic Health Record (EHR) is implemented that facilitates portability of patient information across different entities like Care Givers, Insurance Companies, Government (planning and finance departments) etc.

EHR implementation makes the patients get right care without wasting golden hours, reduces the cost, reduces the fraud and improves the care quality. Implementation of HIMS at participating hospitals is the first step towards establishment of Electronic Health Record system at State/Country level. 

Key Features

In & Out Patient


Front Desk & Ward Management




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    Products In Family

    LIMS provides the perfect automation solution to your laboratory liberating you from the tedious, inaccurate & cumbersome manual procedures.

    Bhishak has an entire module fully dedicated to pharmacy management. It’s designed to manage your pharmacy in an efficient manner thereby saving you a lot of time & money.

    Bhishak’s image viewer module is fully equipped to process and preserve medical images in DICOM format. It has a friendly user interface containing all the required tools.