Founded as a partner for some of the top companies in the world, Neumeric Technologies Corp. (Neumeric Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) has rapidly expanded into a leading provider of Technology Solutions. With development centers in Ohio, Michigan and Hyderabad, and key global partnerships, Neumeric Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has proven itself capable of tackling projects, regardless of scale and complexity.
Neumeric Technologies Pvt. Ltd. abilities range from Custom Application Development to Product Development and from Business Intelligence to Data Science. We also have a large consulting, technical recruiting and training team, with expertise in a variety of platforms, both major and niche. Complexity is what drives us. We employ a variety of Developers, Architects, Data Scientists and Engineers. Our wide-array of talent, coupled with our deep understanding of technology, makes us the perfect partner.
Neumeric Technologies Pvt. Ltd. also has its own internal product line. This includes turnkey and customizable Hospital Information Management Systems, Web-based Imaging Software, Franchise Management Solutions and Medical Transcription. Additionally, Neumeric Technologies Pvt. Ltd. works as a Product Development Partner for a number of leading companies.