Bhishak - LIMS

Lab Information Management System

Bi-directional, touch free, error free, fully automated platform for mega lab setup.

Bhishak LIMS software gives you more control over operations and more assurance in analytical results. LIMS can effectively handle the report flow publication.

In the current scenario, every diagnostic facility is gaining its competitive edge with the highest level of patient care, implementing performance based measures and the best-of-breed Bhishak LIMS to take care of it all. The laboratory software provides a seamless flow from sample logging to final reports, and forms the biggest asset of your infrastructure.

The ease of use coupled with advanced decision support and knowledge management systems improve the workflow while reducing the administrative/operative/lab related errors and simplifying the work of lab technician. This makes Bhishak LIMS the preferred solution for many diagnostics centres. No matter your lab is of a single user to a corporate chain of laboratories or anything in between, Bhishak LIMS is tailored to right fit for your lab requirements.

Key Features

In & Out Patient


Front Desk & Ward Management




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    Products In Family

    LIMS provides the perfect automation solution to your laboratory liberating you from the tedious, inaccurate & cumbersome manual procedures.

    Bhishak has an entire module fully dedicated to pharmacy management. It’s designed to manage your pharmacy in an efficient manner thereby saving you a lot of time & money.

    Bhishak’s image viewer module is fully equipped to process and preserve medical images in DICOM format. It has a friendly user interface containing all the required tools.