eSpa - Spa & Salon Franchise Management
eSpa Management Solution is the most comprehensive and an advanced Web-based software solution for Spas and Saloons, which is built by domain and technology experts using Microsoft .NET technologies with a centralized database. The domain experts identified the required modules for successful management of Spas and Saloons, which were implemented by technical experts with the latest software technologies. The software will improve profitability, enable easy management and increase customer retention/loyalty. It has wide variety of modules that handles front and back office operations which helps the business flourish. Some of the main highlights of these functional modules are:
Key Features
Comprehensive, Centralized and One-Stop solution:
eSpa Management Solution enables Spa Owners to manage all aspects (Employees, Inventory, Services, Revenue, Expenses) of branches from a central location
Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts:
The Visual Scheduler in eSpa Management Solution enables the users to get a complete view of Rooms and Therapists while booking appointments, thus eliminating conflicts.
Personalized Customer Care:
eSpa Management Solution provides a Snap-shot view of Customer including Feedback, Last Visit Services, DOB, Anniversary and membership details to enable a Personalized response.
Improve Brand Loyalty:
eSpa Management Solution improves Brand Loyalty through various Membership, Loyalty Points and Tailored Marketing Campaigns.
Enhanced Communication:
Reach the customer base through their preferred mode of contact (phone, e-mail, SMS) and provide Improved Notifications, Coupons and Discounts etc.
Advanced Reporting:
The Dynamic Reporting module provides the management with a comprehensive view of the operations and allows the user to Filter, Sort and Group based on the requirement.
Quick Search
Quick search feature provides the front desk user to access the customer important details, last visit details, quick appointment creation, etc from any page.
Advanced issue Tracking
Issue Tracking features enhances the mechanism and visibility to the operations by tracking issues through advanced process of resolution.

Comprehensive, Centralized & Integrated solution

Application highlights
Front Office:
  • Front desk & Billing
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Membership
  • Customer Packages
  • Inventory Update
  • Expenses / Petty Cash
  • Daily Attendance
  • Issue Tracking
Back Office:
  • Employee Management
  • Product Management
  • Branch Management
  • Purchase Order
  • Inventory Management
  • Membership Management
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Reporting

e-Spa Application Screens