Bhishak - Lab Information Management
A comprehensive, standalone product catering to the entire workflow process and supporting all the procedures of diagnostic lab, right from sample collection to verification and publishing of final results. LIMS comes with a host of features like custom templates for lab reports, dynamic forms for various tests etc. LIMS can effectively handle the report flow publication.
Bhishak LIMS, built on international quality standards is high on the affordability. In the current scenario, every diagnostic facility is gaining its competitive edge with the highest level of patient care, implementing performance based measures and the best-of-breed LIMS to take care of it all.
Bhishak LIMS is a completely modular application and each of the modules is explained in further detail in the following section:
  • Highly integrated and seamlessly connected with ‘Referrals’ and ‘Orders’ modules
  • A comprehensive laboratory module that caters to the end to end laboratory operations
  • Have a well rounded view of your day to day activities through reporting
  • The administration module takes care of all the aspects of administration i.e. setup administration, security administration and configuration administration.

Lab Information Management Software

LIMS Application Screens

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HIMS is versatile health information management software, catering to almost all major medical specialties. This modular and bespoke software is based on Saas delivery model.
Bhishak has an entire module fully dedicated to pharmacy management. It’s designed to manage your pharmacy in an efficient manner thereby saving you a lot of time & money.
Bhishak’s image viewer module is fully equipped to process and preserve medical images in DICOM format. It has a friendly user interface containing all the required tools.